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Neben meinem Blog, in dem sich Beiträge zu unterschiedlichen Themen finden, sind auf dieser Seite weitere Artikel und Vorträge gesammelt. Auf dem Blog meines ehemaligen Arbeitgebers synyx finden sich noch weitere Beiträge von mir.



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  • On my way to meet @dasniko and @BjrnMrtn. @jugka and @JUG_DA joining forces \o/
  • Not to mention that @bitboss is doing his talk on presentation techniques just before mine. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Oh man, seems like I'll be speaking in the big room at Java Forum Stuttgart. I hope I don't forget to put on my pants that day. #nervous
  • New Book Review: Hibernate Search by Example written by @stevedperkins published by @packtpub
  • Very interesting talk. "@jpountz: Come join me to talk about Lucene index storage at 4pm on the open stage #bbuzz"
  • Yay, got my @socrates_2013 spot. Excited to go there again.